How many of you said ‘new decade, new me’ a mere 3 months ago? I’d go on to bet that since then you’ve posted at least one meme relating to requesting a refund on 2020. Amiright?

Refund requesting is definitely a legitimate way to go. This sh*t is not easy. But hold up for a sec – what if you used this time to be like, productive?

C’mon, enlighten us.

Pretend You’re Leaving the House

We’re not playing. That hair masque you haven’t washed out for 3 days? Wash it. Put on real clothes – jeans even (we know, they’re snug now. Do it anyway.) This might sound unreasonable, but we recommend the makeup too. It’ll make you feel awake!

Now that you’re ready…

1. Subscription Breakup

In other words – say bye to all of those subscriptions you promised yourself you’d use, then didn’t.

Sure, Audiobooks are great if you’re actually listening, and The Economist is great if you’re actually reading. But are you?

Hint: Anything “Premium” usually comes with a hefty price tag. Maybe dial it back for a bit. Regular Spotify doesn’t play THAT many ads, and LinkedIn Sales Nav? Well, you might not be using it for a while.

2. Spring Cleaning

We’re talking closet and laptop. Get rid of all the stuff you don’t need – files, photos, purses, shoes. This is the usual “I’ll do it on the weekend” job. You know, the one that you never do because you’re on a patio with friends?

Do it now, and hopefully soon enough you’ll be on a patio with friends.

3. Let’s Be Honest

Now is your time to revamp your schedule, your meal plan, your work flow. ANYTHING. Sit down and look at a day of your old “normal”.

What did it look like? What worked? What didn’t?

Now is your time to rewrite your story. Sure, it can be tough, but getting honest with yourself and what you really want when you come out of this thing is going to put you ahead.

4. Do Something For You

Take a second. Being productive is really really great, but it’s also okay to not be. Take some time for you – and leave the guilt behind. Maybe you want to learn something new. Sign up for the online course. Maybe you want to try your hand at cooking. Literally everyone is making sourdough from scratch – you could hop on! Maybe you want to take off the jeans that we reco’d you to wear. Do it, then toss that season you’ve been dying to binge watch.

The main point of all of this is this: we’re all in this together. You don’t have to be productive ALL the time. You also don’t need to just sit and watch the days go by. Find your balance and do what works for you, in whatever day you’re in.

That’s a wrap on 48 for us.